DIY Projects

Store spices on the wall when you lack counter space


The last few weeks I’ve taken a break from major renovations and focused attention on smaller organizational projects on the checklist. What’s on the checklist? Let’s see, there’s the medicine cabinet, pantry, hall closets, bedroom closets,the junk drawer and my trusty ole’ spice rack.  At this point, I feel as though I know where most everything should go in the house, I just need to get functional and visually appealing systems set up.

Today I’m working on my spices as their functionality is a huge necessity in the kitchen.  I LOVE to cook and it feels like I’m always restocking old spices or on the lookout for some type of new seasoning.

The galley kitchen in our old house was very small which meant there was little to no storage space. Although, the pantry was a decent size I was in desperate need of extra storage after our first was born because her bottles and formula needed extra space.

Here’s what I came up with.


The round spice tins came from World Market. They have magnets and stick to a blank metal sign I found at Hobby Lobby.

I’ve had this spice rack for about six years now and absolutely LOVE it !!!  The magnets have come loose on a few of the spices I use daily. On inspection, an empty one was rusted because I washed it and didn’t let it dry properly.  Other than one $2 tin I failed to dry, I’d say this little fix has certainly surpassed the test of time.

Here lately I’ve been unsatisfied with my system and decided to give it a face lift. I like to think I’m a seasoned chef but the truth is, I’m a novice and sometimes I can’t tell spices apart.  Anybody with me? Each tin is labeled on the back so I have to flip all of them over until I find what I’m looking for. For what ever reason,  it has become a hassle these days so I’ve decided to label each tin on the front instead of the back.

These chalkboard labels will do the trick to labelmthe front. The white all purpose labels will be used to write the expiration date on the back.  I used an oil based paint pen to write on the chalkboard labels. It actually wipes off with a little pressure if you mess up or choose to rewrite on them later.





It just took a few minutes and pleased with the way it turned out!!!



I like both looks.   Before you could see all the colors and it added a touch of color. It only took a glance to see if I was running low on something.  However, since I’m not the quickest at finding what I need, I like the written label on the front much better.

In looking at this picture, I have to admit that my spice system is still only partly put together.  I have double the amount of spices and seasonings that you see stuffed into the cabinet next to the stove but I’ll save that for another day.This update works perfectly for now.


And yes…… my OCD ness is kicking in as I look at this pic since I had to toss the 1 tin.

Do you have a checklist of STUFF you need to bring some order to?

Hope you will follow along and comment any ideas you come up with.

Take care !!