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I used pickle jars for a budget friendly storage solution


They say it takes five years to truly get settled into a home after a move and it’s absolutely true! Although the rest of the house is coming together, my laundry room is a disaster and in desperate need of some help in the storage department. It’s such a disaster,  I’m too embarrassed to post any photos but I’ll provide a brief description along with a quick tutorial to show you how I used pickle and mayonnaise jars as a super cute budget friendly storage solution. (Oh, and sorry for the exceptionally terrible photos ahead. I lost half of what I took and had to retake a few in bad lighting this morning)

My laundry room has vintage old flooring which I kind of like but it doesn’t fit with our remodel. The flooring in brown, gold and orange with pink walls that have a nice application of orange nicotine to match. There is a nasty old water heater thrown in the corner with scattered appliances everywhere. All that being said,  I love my laundry room and the potential it has of becoming a great work space for crafts, blogging, etc.  It’s big enough to turn a cart wheel in. The natural lighting is amazing as it shines through the big window.

A complete remodel is a long way down the road so for now I’m just going to concentrate on getting my little work space organized. Specifically,  my collection of trinkets. I have a lot of  stuff floating around that really has no other purpose than me coming up with a project to incorporate them into. It’s a little mixture of clothes pins, buttons, picture hanging hardware… on and on it goes.

The laundry room is actually large enough to store my china cabinet that won’t fit in the kitchen. My plan is to distress it and store most of this little stuff there but for now it’s holding lots of other items that need homes……I’ll have to think about that later.

Back to my work space.  I’m obsessed with Mason Jars and they are my go to for kitchen, craft and pantry storage.The ones I had on hand were too large for the space available and I didn’t feel like spending money on multiple sizes of jars.  I started to throw out an olive jar one day and thought it was perfect for the for the eye hooks I had laying around. A pickle jar seemed perfect for the staple gun staples and the mayonnaise jar would work great for the larger pulls and cabinet knobs.  It was a temporary fix at the time and it’s become perfectly functional for me. Only problem…. they aren’t super cute to look at.

No worries. Paint fixes just about everything. I figure a splash of chalk paint here and will give me the much more cutesy storage solution I’m looking for.

I used two different techniques for these lids.

Here’s a list of what you need for both:

pickle, olive or mayo jar (you can use anything)



chalk or paint pen

I used chalk paint over a coat of primer on the plastic lids and and chalkboard paint on the metal lids to get these two looks.  You can simply buy a spray paint color of your choice and will be good to go.

Side note: The chalkboard spray paint would have been a much better choice for this project as far as easier application goes. I had this on hand and it works just as well.

The plastic lids

First let’s start with the plastic lids.  Spray paint them with a coat of primer and allow to dry. Then use paint with color of your choice.  For this particular chalk paint, I sprayed a matte finish sealer for extra hold.

The metal lids

Next we will work on the metal lids. I simply painted them with two coats of chalk paint allowing appropriate dry time in between.

After you get each one painted, apply labeling of your choice or use nothing.   I like to organize, reorganize then organize again so my labeling method here is temporary and easy to change.

I can label it ‘buttons’ today and ‘drawer pulls’ tomorrow.

I’m obsessed with cute, budget friendly ways to organize and this is definitely the way to go if you are looking for something crafty to work on in the process.

What needs some organizational attention in your neck of the woods?

Stay organized and crafty until we meet again!