Here’s what happened when I asked God for Happiness


We can talk with God about absolutely anything. Our hurts, our fears, our problems and our happiness is always of upmost importance to Him. Let’s start by taking a peek at our scripture for today.

John 16:24 (GNT)

 Until now you have not asked for anything in my name; ask and you will receive, so that your happiness may be complete.


Let’s Think About it

The month of September always has me bit down considering it’s the anniversary of the day I lost my Father.  I took time away from blogging to do some much needed reflection and serious soul searching.

One Saturday morning I was in need of some fun to break up all those serious thoughts. I prayed for laughter and God gave it to me……..just like that!

My husband was packed up and ready to head over to Comic Con for the amazing opportunity to meet Stan Lee. I enjoy seeing him excited about stuff like this. He works so hard to keep a roof over our head and dinner on our table. This was a rare day off and he was going to get to meet someone he admires. He asked if he was over dressed or if he looked alright his adventure.

With perfect comedic timing, a half naked toddler marched into the room and made a declaration regarding the situation.

“Daddy, You look like a dog with a purse”

What on earth?  A dog with a purse? Where does something like that come from? I fell off the couch laughing.

After about ten minutes, I finally got my composure and realized where this comment came from. Our family has been considering the addition of a new family dog therefore,  my Saturday mornings are usually spent reading, researching, and watching cute puppy videos. Who doesn’t enjoy watching super cute puppy videos? That particular morning I found a training video in which a German Shepherd was equipped with a backpack in preparation for a hike.  My baby bear asked what the puppy had on his back and this Momma’s pre- coffee, groggy, Saturday morning response was,

‘Its a bag thing, a purse….. I mean BACKPACK’

So there you have it! My husband looks like a dog with a purse!

I asked God for a pick me up and he gave it to me!  What are you needing in your life today? Comfort? Healing? Guidance?  Even if it’s just a minute of laughter, you can ask God for help in any form necessary for your soul to become complete.


Lets Pray About It

Dear Heavenly Father, we are all at different places in life. Some of us are experiencing happy days while others are experiencing trauma, suffering and pain. We turn to you daily in search for the needs of our soul. Thank you for always being there. Amen.