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Try this DIY, budget friendly headband holder


Do you have a headband obsession like me? Exactly how many headbands do you have laying around and what kind of space are you working with to store them? Do they get lost in a drawer or box? Can you even remember what they look like?  If you are like me and can’t keep track of all the headbands, here is a super cute, DIY, budget friendly solution I found a while back! You HAVE to try this!

Below is a photo of headband holder I made for my daughter a while back. It is in desperate need of a facelift because it was made in a hurry and has not survived life in the room of a toddler or the chaos of multiple moves.

It’s missing paint ……

There’s an American Doll measuring cup stuck to the top……

And the entire base came off……

It’s a perfectly wonderful idea, I just put it together is a rush and it shows.  I actually created a tutorial for this a while back. The post did not survive when I updated some of my website stuff because I’m not computer savy like that so I figured I’d just recreate a new tutorial using a headband holder I plan on selling later.

Here’s What you will need:

  1. Oatmeal or Formula container
  2. Material
  3. Scissors
  4. Candle pillar
  5. Spray adhesive
  6. Craft glue
  7. Invisible or temporary hem
  8. Glue gun
  9. Embellishments (not pictured- you can add bows, ribbon, glitter, jewels, etc)

Step One: Remove label

If you have a thicker material, you can skip this step because it won’t show through. Otherwise peal this unnecessary stuff off and start from scratch. Some oatmeal container labeling cannot be removed, in that case, just cover with a piece of paper. I’ve used spray adhesive to secure the paper and it was good to go.

Step Two: Cut fabric

Cut your fabric so that is is half an inch or more past the edges to fold over in the next step. Obviously mine is not perfectly even and there’s absolutely is no problem with that.

Step Three: Get rid of the raw edge

You will only have one edge showing once the material is wrapped around the can. Use invisible or temporary hem to make it look like a nice, straight, finished edge. I actually skipped this with the burlap because I liked the rustic look.

Step Four: Adhere material to can 

Any brand of spray adhesive will do. Just follow application instructions and wrap material around can so that it is smooth and it lines up evenly.

Step Five: Secure edge

I used craft glue to secure the finished edge. Hot glue will work just fine.

Step Six: Fold over the edges

Fold material over the top and bottom. Spray adhesive will work just fine. You can use a little extra craft or hot glue for any stubborn pieces.

The bottom won’t be visible once glued to the candle pillar. Leave as-is or secure rough edges with a felt circle as extra protection so nothing comes loose.

Step Seven: Secure candle pillar to base of can 

You may have chosen a candle pillar that needs no enhancement. You can paint, decorate or do what ever you want to the candle pillar. Yes, I painted over mercury glass. It was a cheap one but I regret the decision anyway!

Once you are happy with the base, secure it to the bottom of your container. Use a glue gun, craft glue or a little bit of both to be on the safe side.

Fill a baggie with a few cups of oatmeal and add for some weight

If you are using a formula container or something else you can run to the Dollar Tree and pick up some little craft rocks for some added weight. I suggest oatmeal for a child’s room so that if this thing comes apart, no rocks get eaten.

Now secure the top with craft glue, glue gun or a little of both.


Project Complete !!!!

I think I made my first headband holder about two years ago! I did not glue the base and lid together very well and I painted the plastic lid with milk paint forgetting to use a good bond during application. Making mistakes makes you better!

This definitely qualifies as as a DIY, budget friendly way to organize and those are my kind of projects!

Don’t they make a cute pair?

Any projects in the works in your neck of the woods?

Stay crafty until we meet again!