DIY Projects

Distressing old window panes


There are so many creative methods you can use to distress or get seriously crafty with old window panes.

You can hang a window up as-is. You can turn one into a picture frame, chalkboard, bulletin board or even a coat rack.

A while back a dear friend of mine gave me a huge collection of window panes she removed from renovation project. They’ve been in storage for WAAAAY too long because I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them and even if I did, I  had no space to work on them.

As you can imagine, I spent days on Pinterest making list after list of ideas for these old windows. Follow my board here. Pictured below are what a few of them look like now.

The first window only got a few coats of milk paint. I used Marzipan by Miss. Mustard Seed.  It has a pink tint in the photo but is actually a ivory with a grey tint.  The screen in side is still intact and has a little rust to show some wear and tear.


For the second window,  the pain was left as-is. The glass was intact so it ended up with a mercury glass treatment. The glass now looks like and antique mirror. My photography skills need some major work. I couldn’t get a good shot of how amazing this one turned out. It looks like an old mirror complete with scratches and some oxidation.


The everything organized obsessed portion of my mind took over for the last two panes.  The screens in these two were ripped and torn and it seemed like they needed a more functional purpose.

I just LOVE the way the milk paint chips and gives such a worn distressed look.   This cute yellow color is called Love Bug. it’s by Sweet Pickins.  These are so great! You can use them as a decorative way to show photos or organize accessories and cards.

The window below is painted in Lantern, also by Sweet Pickins. The red that you see under the chipped portion is the original red that was on the frame.  You can remove the original paint and sand these things down or paint right over them for a more layered look.  I like chipped layers that show multiple chunky coats of paint!

How does all this come together?  I intend to do a few tutorials in the future to show how each look was created. For now these are just a few ideas I came up with if you have some old panes sitting around that you’d like to decorate with.

Trust me, there are plenty of windows left in storage to work on.

Do you have any lingering projects hanging around the house?

Hope you the creative juices get flowing and have a great day until we meet again.