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Christmas in July salt dough ornaments


There’s no better way to celebrate Christmas in July than by scraping together a few salt dough ornaments. Why celebrate Christmas in July?

Well….why not?

My Daddy’s birthday is in July and since Christmas was his favorite holiday, that  storytellin’ cowboy preacher always snuck a few Christmas hyms into Sunday morning worship. Sometimes the whole service was set aside for a Christmas musically themed celebration. Why sing Christmas carols in July?

Well…. why not?

When I think of using salt dough I usually think about making ornament but the fact is, you can use them for all sorts of fun projects. You can make Christmas ornaments, signs, dinosaur fossils, tags, hand or footprint keepsakes. I even saw a  tutorial for a tooth fairy door on Pinterest the other day. They sky is the limit when it comes to all the fun stuff you can make.

I needed a few trinkets to add to a Mason Jar centerpiece I’d been working on and thought a simple little salt dough heart tag would do the trick. Since my particular recipe makes a million of these little things, I figured I’d let the kiddos jump in and make a mess……….I mean have some fun too!

Here’s what you need along with a rolling pin, cookie sheet and cookie cutters.

Here’s what you do:

Water in ingredients listed above needs to be WARM!!!!!

Mix salt and warm water together until salt dissolves. Then add flour.  Kneed it together and roll it out to the desired thickness. Stamp away with those cookie cutters.

If you are making ornaments or tags, be sure to poke a hole in the ornament where you’d like the ribbon or string to go through. I use a coffee stirrer or toothpick. Place them in the oven on 250 for about 1-2 hours until dry.

Once you are finished, grab a paint brush and colors of your choice to start painting. The chalk paint cracked nicely on the salt dough. I’m not sure how it’s going to hold up, more on that to come!

Add a few swirls here and there ………

Mine are such a wonderfully creative disaster don’t you think?

The kids really enjoyed this project! My daughter likes to put anything in mint cans, so she got to decorate one to hold her custom made trinkets. As always, we went with a ‘Frozen’ theme.

I think Little Man is going for a Batman look here….. at least that’s my guess !

So here’s the finished centerpiece.

Just in case you were wondering what those crazy bright yellow stars were for………

Salt dough projects are  a breeze. They are totally budget friendly because you already probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry. This is a wonderful family activity as well. Not only do the kids have a blast mixing everything up, they also learn some listening skills all while spending time with Momma.

Do you celebrate Christmas in July?

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172 days and counting until we meet again !