DIY Projects

Bring new life to an old plastic mirror


It feels like we’ve been working nonstop on renovations! I’m surprised that I’ve enjoyed it as much as I have but I’m ready to start with the creative fun decorating part.  Curtains, rugs, throw pillows and all those little touches are what makes a place feel like home. It’s time to get moving.

I’ve completely changed my sense of style in the past year so I’m literally starting all over again. Redesigning on a budget means I’ll need to use pieces I already have and give them a facelift.  I’m ready to work on the master bedroom for a bit.  It’s not in the budget to do a complete makeover overnight but I can update a few things here and there to get motivated.

First I thought I’d get to work on this great mirror the previosu home owners left behind. After a fresh coat of paint, it will look great hanging over the headboard.

This room like all others in the house has come a long way from this photo. I just wanted to give you a glance of what we’ve been dealing with.

Here’s a closer ‘before’ glance of the mirror.

I love antiques and would never paint an expensive or well maintained piece. In this particular photo, the mirror looks as though it could pass as a hand carved antique but that’s definitely NOT the case.  It’s made out of cheap plastic.  It’s cracked. It smells musty and smoky.

Sounds like a lost cause but I think this little beauty has a lot of potential.  I couldn’t and still can’t figure out what color it should be. I first thought white or ivory would be amazing. That would mean I’d have to clean every nook and cranny prior to painting and I’m too lazy for that.

So my choice was black or maybe oil rubbed bronze.  The flat black would tie into the shabby chic, farmhouse mix I’m shooting for. The bronze was simply intriguing to try.   Rust-oleum is my favorite for these projects.  Too many choices.

I literally flipped a coin and flat black was the winner!!!!

Except as the paint dried, it never got ‘flat’.  HA!!!! I grabbed the gloss by mistake and as the rain clouds started forming above, I was not interested in repainting.  So, glossy  black it is and let me tell you…… it is GLOSSY !!!

Here’s what it looks like on the wall.

Eventually, I’ll be painting the bed with black chalk paint and distressing the edges. I’ve also got new grey bedding coming in this week.   I think the mirror looks great in this shot but it will probably be a bit too glossy for the look I’m attempting to achieve.

Whatever changes this beauty may get in the future, it works great for now. The crack is concealed and the paint took care of that musty, smokey smell.

What budget friendly decor projects do you have going on at your house?

Before you toss any old mirrors, give them a fresh coat of paint for a new look.

See you next time !