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Try a DIY Advent Calendar this Holiday Season


I’m always excited when the first day of Christmas rolls around for many reasons. I love to decorate, cook, shop and simply enjoy the reason for the season. It also means I can start watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on a never ending loop for days!!!!!  It’s one of my favorite Christmas movies because although I want everything to turn out perfectly, my perfectly planned events tend turn out more like the Clarks’ holiday fiascos.

Around the third day of my never ending loop, I begin to think about the family’s lavish advent calendar. As my mind wanders, I can even hear the mischievous holiday music in the background………

Well, that’s probably because it’s ACTUALLY playing on my TV in the background at this point in time.

It’s usually by December 15th I start to get inspired to create something of my own and then it’s too late. NOT THIS YEAR!!!   I actually thought about it 2 months ago and started the search for something more on a handmade level I could stick to.

There are some really amazing ideas out there!

Since I’ve been saving up toilet paper rolls in hopes I could use them for something crafty one day;  I chose to make an advent calendar out of toilet paper rolls.

My Christmas decorations include a little burlap earthiness with some red, bronze and gold bling so I figured I would paint the rolls to match the tree.


These were pretty easy to make.

1. Paint the toilet paper rolls the color of your choice or leave them plain. I painted mine way too dark and wish I had left them as they were.

2. Stuff them with treats and correlating Bible verse for the day. We used little candies and I just hand wrote a the verses. Next time I think I will pick up some little toys and other treats.

3. Fold ends down

4.Wrap with ribbon or washi tape.  I used wire ribbon on most of them and just lightly twisted them on the back so they were easier to open. I really wanted to use washi tape, but couldn’t find a pattern that I was crazy about.

5. Label with day of the month. I used little tags because I couldn’t find any round stickers. Next year I’ll have a better idea about what I’m looking for.




I’m really happy with the turn out and chose to store them in a bowl on the kitchen table. It’s a fun holiday centerpiece.  As we count down the days, I just remove the little gold tag and tie the wire ribbon back so that it keeps the bowl full.




I’m definitely going to try this again next year.  It’s different and the kiddos really enjoyed working on them… or maybe they just enjoyed eating the candy as I worked……




Enjoy !!