The Storyteller

You might me wondering what’s’ going on with all the references to ‘The Storyteller’

It definitely needs some explanation considering the fact he’s since he’s the ultimate inspiration for this blog.

For any of you who knew my Daddy, Dr. James Craig Martindale, Sr. , you were able to identify with IMG_1685him in one or perhaps many ways. He was a country boy, farmer, student, soldier, teacher, parent, ham radio operator, theologian, widower, violinist….. whew, half way through…….. music enthusiast, photographer, woodworker, newly wed,  sports fan, writer, weatherman, biker and simply a good ole’ cowboy at heart. He was easy to sit with and talk to about anything, everything and absolutely nothing at all. Most people knew him as ‘preacher’ but everyone knew him as one of their best friends.

Among his many gifts, my Daddy was the greatest storyteller anyone could hope to cross paths with. He had the ability to make up tales on the drop of a dime that always contained some type of moral lesson complete with a cunning catchphrase or two.

He told me stories about Narnia from the driver seat in the car on the way to school. He told me stories about princes and princesses from the chair next to my bed as he tucked me in for the night.  He told me the TRUE story of the Big Bad Wolf from the hearth as we roasted peanuts by the fire and turned pages in the ‘Magic Storybook’ he composed and illustrated just for me. He and captivated my imagination and challenged me mentally every moment of my childhood and adult life.   The only problem was, I could never figure out which stories were true and which ones were just a little ‘partly true’ as  was his disclaimer to each tall tale.

When I lost him, my life felt like a story that had the most unhappy ending.

Fortunately, I realized it wasn’t over because the best story he ever told me is ENTIRELY true. Daddy told this one to me from a pulpit on Sunday morning and he illustrated simply by the way he lead his life. In the story line, a Heavenly Father loves me so much that he sent His only son to die so that I may spend eternity with Him.   It’s the most beautiful, humbling love story that I’ve ever heard and I hope I can share it with others as my Daddy shared it with me.

I have forty years worth of sermons my storytelling, preaching, motorcycling of a cowboy Daddy left behind. They are beautiful compositions that give life to the hope we have when we chose a relationship with Christ.  At this time, they are sitting on a shelf collecting dust and I’m not sure what to do with them.

My intention with this blog is to share the content of those beautiful messages as I keep myself partly put together in this thing called life.

Here’s one of my favorites   “Daddy, Tell Me a Story”  

Enjoy !!!


  • Trish Decker February 16, 2015 Reply

    So good to see you yesterday, Kellie. Looking forward to reading more! Loved reading about your relationship with your sweet daddy. He was a good man!

    • Kellie Everett February 16, 2015 Reply

      Thanks ! I miss you so much !

  • Trish Decker February 16, 2015 Reply

    Good stuff, Kellie. It was so good to se you yesterday. Love reading your blog. Love your sweet family God gave you.

    • Kellie Everett February 16, 2015 Reply

      It was good to see you too! I miss getting to say hi at lunch each day !

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