About Me


For a season in my life, I was best known as ‘the preacher’s kid.’  I’m not sure if I was a tame one or a wild one or just a normal one.

I lost my Father a while back and learning to live again has been a long, difficult process for me.  It’s in this time of loss, I’ve learned that loving my family is the most important purpose I have in life and I’m learning to slow down and enjoy my surroundings.

I’ve been married to the same wonderful man for eight years….. no maybe nine. Neither one of us can really keep up. I guess time slips away when you are enjoying it together.

I’m proud to be mother to two of the most adorable,  lovable,  amazing children in the whole wide word. Recently, I was blessed  with the opportunity to drop the boring 9-5  cubicle job in order to stay home and enjoy every minute with them.

When I’m not on Mom duty, I enjoy  working on crafty projects, restoring furniture and making labels. Yes, labels.  I figure just about everything in my home needs one.

Although I attempt to stay organized, life just does not allow it. Therefore, I spend this next season of my life being a ‘partly put together’ Momma.



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